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Product information "HAIX KSK 3000"


The HAIX KSK 3000 is a light, stable and multifunctional boot. It provides maximum protection against the heat, cold and wet to hunters, soldiers and police officers alike as well as offering a perfect fit. The KSK 3000 has an anti-slip sole that is able to cope with different terrain. For this reason, it is equally suited to use as a mountain or hiking boot. Highly breathable GORE-TEX® material ensures that your feet stay fresh throughout the day, regardless of the time of year.


The perfect outdoor shoe


The HAIX KSK 3000 provides a secure foothold across stony, steep and difficult surfaces. Its abrasion-resistant anti-slip sole is particularly robust and also reduces discomfort from individual pressure points created when, for example, you walk across sharp rocks. It is also a very lightweight boot that will cushion your steps as you go. This reduces the pressure on your feet, joints and spine and enables you to keep going on long days. The quality of manufacture of the KSK 3000 makes it the perfect multifunctional boot, which can be worn in the city as well as being equally suited to use by police officers or members of the military.


Climate comfort throughout the year


The HAIX KSK 3000 is a high quality leather boot which repels the heat, the cold and the wet to provide your feet with maximum protection all year round. Four-ply GORE-TEX® material makes it both watertight and highly breathable. You feet will remain dry and warm, even if you are working outside in the snow, mud or rain, and will not sweat unnecessary in the summer. The pumping movements generated as you walk along transports moisture to special openings at the shaft and tongue in order to be expelled. This ensures that your feet remain pleasantly cool, even after strenuous tours on duty.


Upper material


  • The HAIX KSK 3000 is manufactured in high quality black bull leather. This is a material which is water repellent, highly breathable and particularly robust.
  • Special pigments reflect the sun's rays and stop any unnecessary overheating. This means that less heat is transported to the feet.
  • A side rubber strip provides additional stability, whilst high-quality hooks ensure that the laces fit snugly and cannot work their way loose when put under strain.


Lining, inlays

  • A four-ply GORE-TEX® membrane prevents penetration of liquid into the boot and protects your feet in windy and rainy conditions. At the same time, the KSK 3000 is also an extremely breathable boot which prevents needless sweating.
  • A fast-drying anatomically formed inlay provides a perfect fit and absorbs sweat in a highly effective manner. It may be removed and washed if required.
  • The boot’s abrasion-resistant lining stands up to even the greatest stresses and strains.
  • An integrated heel rounding makes the KSK 3000 an extremely flexible option which provides you with all the freedom of movement you need when you are out on the job.



  • The rubber sole of the HAIX KSK 3000 has a PU foam filling. This makes it a particularly lightweight choice for the military, for example. The sole of the boot cushions your steps as you go to reduce pressure on the feet and joints. It also reduces discomfort from individual pressure points created when, for example, you step on a rock.
  • The black sole of the KSK 3000 is both antistatic and colour fast. This means that it will not leave any ugly black marks on light-coloured surfaces.
  • It also provides outstanding insulation against the heat and cold.
  • A robust and bold tread gives a firm foothold on slippery ground.
  • The KSK is a comfortable universal boot which is suitable for use across any type of ground. Regardless of whether you are spending your leisure time hiking in the mountains or are performing your normal work duties, this is a boot which provides a superb fit and a safe foothold. Order the HAIX KSK 3000 now and discover its versatility for yourself.





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